Bringing Order into your Chaos (okami_hu) wrote in oldfriends,
Bringing Order into your Chaos

Contest time!

Greetings, fans. Behold the community's – most probably first – contest.

The directive: Make us a header for the layout. Something that suits the comm, something that conveys the concept of oldfriends - Charles and Erik being, despite anything that happens, friends.

The winning entry will be displayed, and the winner credited on our userpage.

Dimensions: Please nothing taller than 350 pixels. Width might wary, from 600px to about 950px. Acceptable formats are JPG and PNG. No animations.

You can't use fanart without a written permission from the artist.

Deadline: July the 1st. Voting will be done via a poll, starting on the 2nd and it'll run for the following week.

Please submit your entries in a comment to this entry. (In case you have no idea how to add images, look HERE) It is tagged as 'contest', so you'll be able to easily find it even after several days. ^^

If you have any questions, ask them here as well. Have fun!
Tags: contest, mod post
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