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X-Men: Charles and Erik elope to a tropical island and have sunset-lit dinners and hold hands a lot.

Great news, the internets! I have rescued my Excalibur summaries from scans_daily oblivion!

Part One: we catch up with our heroes during a... special moment.

Part Two: removed from any impertinent questions like "But, isn't he a registered terrorist" or "But, didn't he try to wipe your mind a couple times," Charles and Erik are living in frighteningly domestic bliss.

Part Three: unfortunately, the outside Marvelverse will *insist* on intruding eventually (most lately in the form of Erik's daughter loosing a few more of her marbles and killing some friends, you know how it goes), and we're quickly reminded that theirs is a relationship that has difficulty surviving exposure to things like politics, inlaws, non-mutual friends, alien abductions, alien visitations, out of body experiences, cloning debates, personal history, world history, mutual friends, past arguments, alternate future arguments, funny hats, UN council meetings, attempted homicide, successful homicide, successful suicide, ferrous metal, the colour purple, and, it wouldn't surprise me, oxygen.
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