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Subject: oldfriends is updated and better than ever!

Hi everyone! Welcome to oldfriends. We are your new moderator group consisting of okami_hu, amuly and me, subarashiine. X-Men fandom is rebooting once again and with a great interest in the Erik/Charles pairing. That's where we come in! tartanshell, lovely creator of this community back in 2003, has appointed us to revamp things around here. First things first, here are some introductions!

okami_hu :: "My name is OKami_hu. I'm from Hungary and I'm the cool, calm and level-headed one in the group. Possessing an extremely advanced critical sense and an unshakable, rigid respect for almost every rule, law and tradition, I am incredibly curt and businesslike, refusing to add even a single grain of sugar to coat my words. I write the dirtiest slash stories in my free time with some designing and drawing added. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me, AIM is your way, where I go as ladyokami."

amuly :: I'm Amuly, lover of pretty boys and fandom. I'm also a graduate student studying Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics, and am the sole maintainer of symposium_love, a philosophy fanfiction community. I love getting ridiculously excited over fandom with my fellow fans and have an open friending policy on my LJ, so feel free to come and hang out! If you experience any problems please PM me, or contact me through my twitter (if LJ isn't your thing) at Amuly21. I'm always online and very accessible, so don't be afraid to ask me anything.

subarashiine :: I'm Rachel, born and raised in New York City, and I've been involved in fandom for over a decade. Livejournal is #1 for fandom in my book… none of that Twitter or Tumblr stuff for me! Don't be put off by my friends-only LJ, I am always available if there are any questions or concerns. I'm definitely big into slash, always have been, and with such fantastic characters like Erik and Charles, how could I not be? ;) My other fandoms are Star Trek, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit and previously, a mishmash of Anime and Manga. Enjoy the community!

Tagging System

In addition to now having active mods, we have gone back and tagged every entry in this community up to the present day. Please take a look at the list of tags and add the appropriate ones to each of your future posts. We go by the American rating system of G (gen), PG, PG-13 etc... If there are any questions about what rating your fanwork may be, feel free to ask. Also label whether you are posting a fanfiction, fanart, icon batch or the like. If there is a tag you think should be there, we'll be happy to add it!

You'll also notice that if you have posted here previously, you have your very own poster tag! If you are a first timer, then let us know in your post and we will add your name to the list.

We hope you all enjoy the new oldfriends! Reach out anytime you need to one of three of us. Look forward to an influx of new members, advertising graphics and a community banner contest.

Feel free to reply to this post with any comments, thoughts or questions... Good night!
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